Trip to Peru 2015

31 March 2015  | ByWorldGranny Events | Kim van Es`

One of our close clients Kloe went on a trip to Peru to visit the grannies and talk about the knitting project. 

Our Story

How it all started...

Knitting The World Together

Knitting Social Fabric Project

It all started off when we began our project Knitting Social Fabric in Peru. 


The world is aging. This is good news! We all have the chance to live longer. But how do we stay healthy and independent? It is estimated that in 2050 there are more people over 60 than children under 14 years old. This will changes the world. Moreover families are becoming smaller and relatives often live dispersed by increasing urbanization and migration. The older generation will and have to become more and more self-reliant. But how to realize this? WorldGranny has teamed up with grannies in Peru. We co-created a social enterprise with Knitting Clubs that help them to remain independent.

"I would like to learn more so that I have with this work can help my family '' Mercedes Ticse, 65

Forward to the past! Knitting is quite cool in the 21 century! In the Clubs the grannies work together with our young Dutch designers to create fresh, high quality handmade products. With their participation in these Clubs, the knitters increase their monthly income, which can be considered as a part of their pension plan. But the Club also offers them a lot of fun, laughter and support! All products are made from 100% natural materials, such as Pima and Tanquis cotton. This is a win-win situation: We combine the experience of seniors with the demands of today's modern consumer.

Your contribution 

Allows us to assist an estimated 100 grannies in Peru to contribute to their pension plan in the next 5 months as the target amount of 5.500, - Euro has been achieved. We can also set up training programs for new Knitting Clubs in other neighborhoods of Lima. If we even reach the target amount of 10,000 euros, then we can get the new Knitting Clubs in Peru immediately to start to crochet and knit products and then these new Knitting Clubs will be operate completely independently within half a year!

How do we do this?

This is truly an example of international and intergenerational cooperation! We work with young Dutch designers, a middle aged organizer and grannies who participate in our Knitting Clubs in Peru. On you can find more info. The infographic below shows the process nicely. We should not forget that there are also wool producers and farmers are involved in the project.

WorldGranny Animal

Product information

Made of cotton and handmade by innovative grannies. The animal come in three variations: the water buffalo, the pig and the unicorn. Which one is your favorite?


- Material: 100% Pima cotton





WorldGranny Bag

Product information

A nice hand-made bag with a leather bottom. It is the best bag to bring to work or to the beach. The bag is strong enough to be used as a laptop bag. Are you going to a formal occasion? You can also fold the bag into half and carry it as a clutch. There is a small pocket in the bag for tiny things such as cellphones and keys.


– Material: 100% natuurlijke Pima cotton
– Size: A3-size
– A magnet button to close the bag





Launching the label ByWorldGranny

8 July 2015 | ByWorldGranny Events | Kim van Es


On 8 July 2015 we launched our lable ByWordGranny in the Cultural Ambassy of the Lloyd Hotel accompanied by the Dutch minister of Education, Science & Culture, Jet Bussemaker.

Our young Dutch designers took this opportunity to share their motivation: making social impact!

The event was part of the crowdfunding campaign to Oneplanetcrowd which aims to create more work groups to increase the self-sufficiency of more elderly.







19 & 20 Sept 2015 | ByWorldGranny events | Kim van Es


On 20 September we participated in the PuurFair in Amsterdam Noord.

What an inspiring event it was, it presented the latest trends and the greatest ideas in the field of sustainability.

We had the chance to meet with likeminded people oriented in biological poducts and the fair trade business model and exchange ideas and experience.

Thanks for the positive feedback and interest in our work, it was a huge boost of energy and motivation for us! Thanks for coming!








13 Sept 2015 | ByWorldGranny Events | Kim van Es


On 13 September 2015 we took part in Go Green Fair  in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

We also took part in this event, and we stood at a stand showing our knitted products.

GO GREEN – The Bio-fair for natural, sustainable and fair-trade products for yards, home, leisure, fashion, (organic) food and transportation.


fair gf greenfair 1012141_794569083904519_1431449433_n 1538671_936123616415731_2433528980069078495_n




Crowdfunding campaign: Knitting the world together!

We have successfully ended our crowdfunding campaign on 15 August 2015 as we not only met but even overreached our goals. We reached in total 67 funders and received 5872 euro! So we can invest more in the grannies. We appreciate all your investment and support towards WorldGranny.


On 25 September 2015, we attended CrowdFest in Amsterdam B. It was a wonderful experience for us, as it provided an opportunity for us to show you our products in live (in this creative and innovative era) and tell you more about the procedures.(our vision and the current state of o ur work) Below you will find photos that we took at CrowdFest.



Yumeko is our recent new client. They are also based in Amsterdam.

Yumeko allows you to sleep more comfortable, because their pillows, blankets, rugs , mattresses and towels have never been in contact with harmful chemicals. Yumeko always searches for producers and products that are certified by independent third parties such as GOTS , Fairtrade , Oeko -tex and the Rainforest Alliance. Although the price is higher, but it gives us and you the assurance that our products are 100% eco . For some products there is no certificate. In that case, we choose a producer who meets the standards we set ourselves.



Coco-Mat Nederland

COCO-MAT creates innovative products and home furniture, made with natural materials.

Their company since then has grown to become a global brand with stores in 14 countries worldwide, including the Netherlands as one of them.

Their factory has a virtually neutral carbon footprint and recycling reach 96%. They also take extra pride in using naturally replenished raw materials, such as cotton, seaweed, wool and wood, sourced locally in Greece.

They pride themselves on making the best beds in the world, but more importantly, they also want to make the world a better place.

For more information, please visit their website:

Handmade by Kloe

Handmade by Kloe

More Info

Handmade by kloé is one of our clients, which we provide our knitting products to.

It is a company that sells luxurious handmade comfy wintergoodies in 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn. They sell the most fashionable, handmade knitted wintergoodie. Made in the softest, strongest, hypoallergenic and sustainable babyalpaca wool.

- Designed in Belgium
- Handmade in Peru

From gorgeous headbands to trendy beanies and matching collars and scarfs. Every piece of the HANDMADE collection is made with love by a granny in the slums of Lima. Trough a cooperation with Worldgranny we provide these ladies an honest pension. Their products include: Headbands, beanies, collars, scarfs and cardigans in 100% babyalpaca.

For more information, please visit their website:


ByWorldGranny is innovative, social and fashionable! Working with innovative and creative designers, using the best quality of fabrics and the love of the grannies all combined in one.

Our interior design product line include: blankets, throws, pillow covers, coasters and decorative animals amongst others. Click below to purchase our products now.

Contact us to learn more
Interested? Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form below or simply send an email to We will reply as soon as possible.

100% Peruvian Wool 100% Dutch design

We only use 100% cotton and Alpaca wool of the best quality, originally from Peru.

Our products are designed by young Dutch interior designers who made sure to make of each item a piece of art! We continue developing new products and new combinations in co-creation with our clients… the Grannies! All natural products hand-made from the Andes to you

Our interior design product line include: blankets, throws, pillow covers, coasters and decorative animals amongst others.

Click here to purchase our products now.


Our Partners

Up until now, we have three partners: Coco-Mat Nederland, Handmadeby Kloe and Yumeko.

Please refer to the tabs under "Clients" to view more information about each brand.



Team byWorldGranny.ching


In 2004, WorldGranny was founded by Caroline van Dullemen. At that point she was director of the Academic Bureau of GroenLinks. Before that, she had worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as secretary for the National Advisory Council for Development Aid (NAR). Caroline studied social sciences and has for her work as a journalist travelled through Africa many times. She wrote about political developments, the effects of HIV/aids, and the role of women. She has written two books about Africa in transition from the apartheid-system. In Africa she regularly spoke with older women. Her goal was to that way gain an understanding of the history and political situation of the country.” “Karina Sandoval has been working at WorldGranny since June 2012. She is originally from Peru but worked as a fundraiser in the US for some years where she accomplished her MBA. In 2011, Karina made the step of moving to the Netherlands and now proudly calls it home. At WorldGranny, she is responsible for the social enterprise “Knitting Social Fabric”. At the moment she mainly keeps busy setting up partnerships between Peru and the Netherlands.” Judith is a Dutch designer, her grand father was an Egyptian knitter and this is her connection with yarn and fabric. She loves to knit and crochet, and she mix it really well with the modern design by creating beautiful animals, bags … Ching is Dutch and like Judith she has roots far away. Her grand-mother knitted in Hong-Kong and she learned crochet thanks to her. Independence is a mentality that her family showed to her, and now she wants to help to Grannies in Peru, that way they are also independent.   Team byWorldGranny.ching



BeFunky Collage new


"We are happy to come and work here every thursday. We learn new techniques and make beautful products" - Fryda Muñoz.


The Grannies who participated in our project, live in Villa Maria del Triunfo, a very poor slum in Lima. The majority of their inhabitants were victims of violence in the 80’s due to terrorists’ attacks by the “Shining Path” (a Peruvian terrorist group). As consequence of these events, many people had to flee to Lima where they found themselves without family, housing or income. Slums like Villa Maria del Triunfo erupted and shelters were built.

Now, thirty years later a lot of those women are old and not longer able to sell their products on the street (the main source of income for the inhabitants of Villa Maria del Triunfo because of their lack of education).

"At our age it is difficult to find a job, but with this training we can do a lot!" - Elena Diaz.


The grannies have good knitting skills and participating in “Knitting Social Fabric” gives them a unique opportunity to escape from their hard work on the streets. The training they received here helped them to improve their knitting skills and allowed them to make products of better quality which brings them a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

The classes lasted three months and they celebrate their successes with a graduation event. For most of the grannies this was the first time they ever received an official training and a certificate. It was a beautiful event with much laughter, dancing and pride.

“I am very happy to be part of this initiative, it is a way to relax and in the future it will turn into a source of income and we will be able to produce things” - Rosalia Moran Salazar, participant of Knitting Social Fabric 2013.


The Process

WorldGranny’s project in Peru process :


WP_20150506_15_09_21_Pro (1)


  • Judith Ibrahim is a Dutch designer with Egyptian roots. She is considered a young talent in the art of knitting and crochet. In 2013, she graduated from the HogeSchool Van Amsterdam in Engineering in Product Design with outstanding results. Since then, she has been working with different NGO based in Amsterdam, such as ‘Return to Sender’. Currently, Judith is working together with the WorldGranny’ grannies in Peru’ to design appealing and original products.


  • Ching Yao Lo is Dutch and like Judith she has roots far away. Her grand-mother knitted in Hong-Kong and she learned crochet thanks to her. Independence is a mentality that her family showed to her, and now she wants to help to Grannies in Peru, that way they are also independent. Ching also graduated from the HogeSchool Van Amsterdam in Engineering in Product Design with Judith.