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In 2004, WorldGranny was founded by Caroline van Dullemen. At that point she was director of the Academic Bureau of GroenLinks. Before that, she had worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as secretary for the National Advisory Council for Development Aid (NAR). Caroline studied social sciences and has for her work as a journalist travelled through Africa many times. She wrote about political developments, the effects of HIV/aids, and the role of women. She has written two books about Africa in transition from the apartheid-system. In Africa she regularly spoke with older women. Her goal was to that way gain an understanding of the history and political situation of the country.” “Karina Sandoval has been working at WorldGranny since June 2012. She is originally from Peru but worked as a fundraiser in the US for some years where she accomplished her MBA. In 2011, Karina made the step of moving to the Netherlands and now proudly calls it home. At WorldGranny, she is responsible for the social enterprise “Knitting Social Fabric”. At the moment she mainly keeps busy setting up partnerships between Peru and the Netherlands.” Judith is a Dutch designer, her grand father was an Egyptian knitter and this is her connection with yarn and fabric. She loves to knit and crochet, and she mix it really well with the modern design by creating beautiful animals, bags … Ching is Dutch and like Judith she has roots far away. Her grand-mother knitted in Hong-Kong and she learned crochet thanks to her. Independence is a mentality that her family showed to her, and now she wants to help to Grannies in Peru, that way they are also independent.   Team byWorldGranny.ching

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  1. I lost my grandmother servael years ago. She tried to teach me to knit and crochet when I was younger, but being the type who learns better with written instructions, I couldn’t grasp the concept. When I began having children of my own I tried again and finally learned the basics. The night my grandmother passed away I was crocheting her a pair of slippers and my youngest daughter was making her first blanket. After servael months I started crocheting again and now can’t sit still without a project to work on. I now have a new generation to make things for and plan to try to teach them how to crochet. I want my grandmother’s legacy to be passed on and her generosity with her handmade blankets to continue. I know this is what she and God want me to do with mine and my grandmother’s talents.

    • Dear Satyam,
      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry for your loss.
      Knitting is a really special talent, unfortunately due to the change in generations, this talent has slowly become forgotten.
      Nowadays mostly seniors still knit by hand. We started this Kntiting Social Fabric Project in order to help the elderly in Peru, give them a feeling of belonging of the society and give them an opportunity to build up pension by knitting. We hope your grandmother´s legacy can be passed on many generations!
      Kind regards,

    • Hello,
      Thank you for the appreciation. We´re happy to hear that.
      This website is created and edited by interns working for WorldGranny. It does not require much IT or coding knowledge.
      But it does take some time to manage the WordPress. You can start by installing some plugnis to make your website richer.
      I hope I have answered your question. Please send an email to if you would like to know more.
      Kind regards,

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