Handmade by Kloe

Handmade by Kloe

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Handmade by kloé is one of our clients, which we provide our knitting products to.

It is a company that sells luxurious handmade comfy wintergoodies in 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn. They sell the most fashionable, handmade knitted wintergoodie. Made in the softest, strongest, hypoallergenic and sustainable babyalpaca wool.

- Designed in Belgium
- Handmade in Peru

From gorgeous headbands to trendy beanies and matching collars and scarfs. Every piece of the HANDMADE collection is made with love by a granny in the slums of Lima. Trough a cooperation with Worldgranny we provide these ladies an honest pension. Their products include: Headbands, beanies, collars, scarfs and cardigans in 100% babyalpaca.

For more information, please visit their website: http://bykloe.com

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