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Knitting Social Fabric Project

It all started off when we began our project Knitting Social Fabric in Peru. 


The world is aging. This is good news! We all have the chance to live longer. But how do we stay healthy and independent? It is estimated that in 2050 there are more people over 60 than children under 14 years old. This will changes the world. Moreover families are becoming smaller and relatives often live dispersed by increasing urbanization and migration. The older generation will and have to become more and more self-reliant. But how to realize this? WorldGranny has teamed up with grannies in Peru. We co-created a social enterprise with Knitting Clubs that help them to remain independent.

"I would like to learn more so that I have with this work can help my family '' Mercedes Ticse, 65

Forward to the past! Knitting is quite cool in the 21 century! In the Clubs the grannies work together with our young Dutch designers to create fresh, high quality handmade products. With their participation in these Clubs, the knitters increase their monthly income, which can be considered as a part of their pension plan. But the Club also offers them a lot of fun, laughter and support! All products are made from 100% natural materials, such as Pima and Tanquis cotton. This is a win-win situation: We combine the experience of seniors with the demands of today's modern consumer.

Your contribution 

Allows us to assist an estimated 100 grannies in Peru to contribute to their pension plan in the next 5 months as the target amount of 5.500, - Euro has been achieved. We can also set up training programs for new Knitting Clubs in other neighborhoods of Lima. If we even reach the target amount of 10,000 euros, then we can get the new Knitting Clubs in Peru immediately to start to crochet and knit products and then these new Knitting Clubs will be operate completely independently within half a year!

How do we do this?

This is truly an example of international and intergenerational cooperation! We work with young Dutch designers, a middle aged organizer and grannies who participate in our Knitting Clubs in Peru. On www.byworldgranny.org you can find more info. The infographic below shows the process nicely. We should not forget that there are also wool producers and farmers are involved in the project.

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