Alpaca Wool

Our products are made of alpaca wool and natural cotton.

All products are imported from Lima, Peru. But what’s so special about alpaca fiber?  It’s extremely warm, is the strongest mammal fiber, light weight, and very water resistant.  It has other qualities, as well. Alpaca has some medullated fibers: in other words, there are tiny hollow pockets in the centers of many individual alpaca fibers. These areas hold the warmth. 

Alpaca is very water resistant. Gaston College’s representative told the Alpaca Fiber Symposium that their tests showed alpaca to be virtually water repellent.
They found it all but impossible to saturate alpaca fiber to do the test. (Sheep’s wool absorbs up to 35% of its weight in water.

(Retrieved from Wild Hair Press)

Natural Pima Cotton

Much like coffee or wine, the quality of cotton can diverse. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra long staple length, Peruvian pima cotton is the world's finest.

An Ideal Place To Root

In order to grow exeptional cotton, you neede exceptional growing conditions. Peruvian pima cotton grows lush and lovely along the Northern coastal valleys of Peru. There, the rich soil soaks up the perfect amount of moisture at good equatorial temparatures. The results is cotton with a silky luster and an unbelievably soft hand.

Other Benefits

  • Softer and more absorbent than other cottons
  • Ideal growing conditions in Peru creates the best quality cotton in the world
  • Its extra long staple length makes Peruvian pima cotton extremely soft and durable 
  • Perfect for those who suffer from skin allergies or those with sensitive skin

(Retrieved from Peruvian Connection

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