Even without placing an order, you can support ByWorldGranny. We appreciate every type of support and your contribution will always benefit the Peruvian grannies who participate at the knitting program. Big thank you on behalf of the team of ByWorldGranny and the grannies!

The ways to support ByWorldGranny next to placing an order : Spread the word!

Are you too enthusiastic about this project? You can help us by telling others about this project. By doing so, you possibly start a new collaboration to help ByWorldGranny be more succesful.

Do you want to help in the simplest way possible?

Donate to account number 48.94.696 in de name of Stichting WorldGranny (Amsterdam) or visit this page. Sponsorship If your company or organization is interested in getting involved, please contact us at We have great sponsorship and media opportunities. Let’s schedule a meeting soon!. Our sponsors: Sponsors

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