Who are we?

ByWorldGranny is created by WorldGranny, which is a non-profit organization that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of older people, their households and their communities in developing countries. Particularly the lives of impoverished older women leading households are addressed, and the reduction of (extreme) poverty. In the Netherlands, WorldGranny works on creating awareness of the situation of older people in developing countries and recruits funding to support projects there. Read more about our vision and mission here.


Our Knitting Social Fabric Project

We started this project end 2013. The project offers senior citizens in Peru the opportunity for social interaction. Peruvian grannies gather in knitting clubs and work together with Dutch designers creating the most beautiful hand-knitted interior designs to be later sold in the Netherlands.

"Knitting the world together."

Experienced hands

All our products are hand-knitted by Peruvian grannies who have excellent knitting skills

Natural Materials

100% cotton and Alpaca wool

Dutch design

All our products are designed by young Dutch designers




"100% Natural products hand-made from the Andes to you."

Empowering Peruvian grannies

Many Peruvian women aged 65 or above are lonely and live in poor circumstances. WorldGranny promotes social cohesion by seniors to let their hobby craft practice in groups accompanied by young designers. Every week or every two weeks the grannies meet up and knit in groups. In this way, the grannies can meet new people and cotinue develop their interest in knitting. A part of the money collected from the products are rewarded to them to support their own lives and the lives of their grandchildren.

Contact between the knitter & buyer

Each knitted product has a special plate or namecard indicating the name and sometimes a short greeting from the granny who knitted the product, such as "with love from Peru". If you wish to reply to the granny's message, you can do that for free via WorldGranny. 

Young Dutch Designers

ByWorldGranny offers young creative talented designers the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a social and distinctive manner and in order to boost their CV and portfolio. These creative talents include young Dutch fashion and product designers.

Our Collection

Our interior design product line include: blankets, throws, pillow covers, coasters and decorative animals amongst others.

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Contact Details

Interested? Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form below or simply send an email to info@worldgranny.nl. We will reply as soon as possible.


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