The Process

WorldGranny’s project in Peru process :


WP_20150506_15_09_21_Pro (1)


  • Judith Ibrahim is a Dutch designer with Egyptian roots. She is considered a young talent in the art of knitting and crochet. In 2013, she graduated from the HogeSchool Van Amsterdam in Engineering in Product Design with outstanding results. Since then, she has been working with different NGO based in Amsterdam, such as ‘Return to Sender’. Currently, Judith is working together with the WorldGranny’ grannies in Peru’ to design appealing and original products.


  • Ching Yao Lo is Dutch and like Judith she has roots far away. Her grand-mother knitted in Hong-Kong and she learned crochet thanks to her. Independence is a mentality that her family showed to her, and now she wants to help to Grannies in Peru, that way they are also independent. Ching also graduated from the HogeSchool Van Amsterdam in Engineering in Product Design with Judith.