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"We are happy to come and work here every thursday. We learn new techniques and make beautful products" - Fryda Muñoz.


The Grannies who participated in our project, live in Villa Maria del Triunfo, a very poor slum in Lima. The majority of their inhabitants were victims of violence in the 80’s due to terrorists’ attacks by the “Shining Path” (a Peruvian terrorist group). As consequence of these events, many people had to flee to Lima where they found themselves without family, housing or income. Slums like Villa Maria del Triunfo erupted and shelters were built.

Now, thirty years later a lot of those women are old and not longer able to sell their products on the street (the main source of income for the inhabitants of Villa Maria del Triunfo because of their lack of education).

"At our age it is difficult to find a job, but with this training we can do a lot!" - Elena Diaz.


The grannies have good knitting skills and participating in “Knitting Social Fabric” gives them a unique opportunity to escape from their hard work on the streets. The training they received here helped them to improve their knitting skills and allowed them to make products of better quality which brings them a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

The classes lasted three months and they celebrate their successes with a graduation event. For most of the grannies this was the first time they ever received an official training and a certificate. It was a beautiful event with much laughter, dancing and pride.

“I am very happy to be part of this initiative, it is a way to relax and in the future it will turn into a source of income and we will be able to produce things” - Rosalia Moran Salazar, participant of Knitting Social Fabric 2013.


The Process

WorldGranny’s project in Peru process :